The name Banou is of persian origin.  Banou defines a lady who has embodied elegance and uniqueness throughout history and modern days and has had appreciation of art and fashion.  Banou creates an independent, foresight and particular nature which creates the urge to be creative and self sufficient.  Banou Couture interprets the taste and needs of many ladies with great pleasure be it trendy, elegant and fashionable. Banou Couture’s products are made for an ironic woman who loves to have a desirable and classy closet ,to provide an elegant look for each and everyday look.  Each collection plays between strong colors  in harmony with the personality of BANOU, the lady who is fresh, natural, classy and elegant but yet does not want to give up on being modern and fashionable. Banou couture makes you feel and look appealing. Banou Aria is the owner and founder of Banou Couture, a luxury brand that makes handmade fashion products from jewelry to genuine leather handbags and shoes. All jewelry is in brass, 24K and embellished with Swarovski, Preciosa crystals and natural stones cut by hand, entirely handmade by master craftsmen. Banou Couture’s handbags and shoes are all handle and made of genuine, highest quality leather and suede.There is a true pleasure in wearing Banou couture jewels, hang bags and shoes.


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