With Banou Couture Transparent Bags you don’t necessarily need a full closet to set a purse with your look.
In fact you only need one bag to choose from our styles. The outside is made of soft and transparent PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and is available in two styles. The Daily Style and Holiday Style. The inside is printed according to your taste, interchangeable according to the occasion and your mood. Inside linings are made out of soft eco-leather printed. Outside and inside materials are waterproof. Each transparent bag is sold with one inside lining but you can buy an additional internal bag as an option to have a different look everyday and to match with your favorite outfits.
The Daily Design: 39×34 cm – is a shopping bag. It is provided with handles and a shoulder strap which can be also customized, by matching it with the inside lining pattern.
The Holiday Design: 28×17 cm – is a clutch bag. It is provided with a stainless steel shoulder strap with Plexiglas inserts, which give it a touch of style. It’s a double bag: the outside is made of a soft and transparent material and the inside is printed according to your taste.

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